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Pencil has always been my medium of choice. I'm fascinated with what can be achieved with this humble medium. I love the stripped down purity of black and white and appreciate the power of light, shadow, and texture when combined. I aim for detail and realism in my drawings while at the same time strive to capture a depth of feeling and character that draws the viewer into the scene.

My original drawings are created on 100 % acid free Bristol board paper. I use graphite pencil in a variety of hardness's to help achieve different tones and textures. I put my whole heart and soul along with a lot of time and energy into these pencil drawings! Consequently, they take me hundreds of hours spread over several months, so I can usually only produce 2-4 drawings per year. On average they take me 200-400 hours per piece. The Race Horse Drawing, "Trifecta", took a little over 1,000 hours to complete. I often work from several reference photos and from real life when possible.

To make my work available to more people, I offer reproductions of my original pencil drawings as Limited Edition Giclee' prints. Standard Limited Editions are limited to 500 and Collectors Limited Edition Artist Proofs are limited to 50. They are printed with Epson Ultrachrome professional archival inks on 100% acid free fine art rag paper that is slightly textured, giving the artwork a nice energy. All Limited Editions are accompanied by a unique Certificate of Authenticity. Reproductions are offered in two differnt sizes on most images. My drawings are also available on premium fine art canvas as a "Gallery Wrap" on 1.5 inch stretcher bars at the full size of the original and slightly larger on some images. This is a nice option because it requires no framing, giving the work a unique and professional look without any glare from glass. The canvas gallery wrap may also be of interest to those running out of wall space, as they take up a bit less room without the added size of matting and a frame. If you are interested in an image on canvas that is larger than what is offered in my gallery, please contact me.

A Giclee' (zhee-CLAY), is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity, high tech reproduction done on a special large format printer and is becoming the new standard in the fine art industry. It is widely embraced for its astonishing quality by major museums, galleries, publishers and artists. Giclee's are produced from high resolution digital scans of existing artwork and can be printed on paper and canvas. Giclee's are superior to traditional lithography in nearly every way. They are so high-resolution that they are virtually 'continuous tone', rather than tiny dots, creating a very detailed and crisp image.

I am VERY impressed with the Giclee' reproduction! All of the detail, subtle tonal changes, and nuances that I work so hard to achieve are preserved. The Giclee' is a little more costly than traditional lithography, but well worth it in my opinion!

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